Buying a House with a 2.9% Interest Rate in 2024

Join Pace Morby and SubTo student Glen Palepoi as they walk through a property Pace bought subject to for 2.9% from Glen who made $5k assigning the deal. Learn how Glen found the deal and how the numbers worked out for the seller, agent, wholesaler, and buyer. Pace uses Glen’s story as a lesson that having patience while building relationships is crucial for long-term success in closing more deals.

Overcoming The Due On Sale Clause In Subject To

I've had the due on sale clause called on me five times.. This is a real concern when buying subject to to be aware of and I'll explain how the due on sale clause happened to me. So now that the bank wants us to pay that loan off... How did I overcome the due on sale clause when I bought the house subject to?

The Full Breakdown of Buying a House Subject To

In this video, we'll discuss why someone would want to sell their home on Subject To and how agents can be a roadblock due to their lack of understanding of creative financing. Selling a home on Subject To can be a fast and efficient option for homeowners who need to move quickly or avoid foreclosure, but FIRST, you need to find the bunnies. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more real estate investing tips!

Explaining Subject To IN PERSON With A Seller

Pace Morby goes on a seller call at a potential investment property to explain subject to and build rapport with the seller. The value of the home is less than what the seller owes, meaning if they sold the house they’d have to cut a check in order to walk away. As an investor the most important part of the deal is securing the mortgage rate already in place, which is Pace’s aim in taking on a property like this.

Overcoming Seller Objections in Real Estate! (Real Seller Call)

In this video, I show you how to Overcome Seller Objections in Real Estate! This video is from a person named Jackie who came to me via my Instagram DMs and offered me a great opportunity in Tacoma, Washington. The seller was told by multiple Real Estate people that this transaction could not be done through Seller Finance! This video is me getting on the phone with the seller and overcoming all of the objections! Enjoy!!

What Is Subject To In Real Estate | Explained

Learning exactly what Subject To is a HUGE benefit in running your real estate business. In the 5th video of my 6th video series we break down exactly what Subject To is and the benefits it will bring you to become more successful in your real estate business!

What is Seller Finance? Creative Real Estate Explained

I’ve told my famous F-150 story about 1,000 times (that’s why it’s famous). But what exactly is seller finance and how can you use it to build out your real estate portfolio? Watch this training - creative real estate explained - to learn how you can buy anything with creative finance…

Breaking Down Creative Finance for Sellers

Pace Morby answers these questions and more as he deep dives into creative finance from a seller’s perspective, including what questions to ask and why a seller would consider going the creative route. He helps explain by referencing specific deals he bought with seller finance and subject to. There are numerous benefits for both buyers and sellers when using creative finance vs selling/buying the traditional way, and Pace will break it all down for you.

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