Review of chapter 6,7 and 8

Everything that we read in these 3 chapters is ESSENTIAL to being a good sub2 investor and without these item I and you would not be worth a darn! We can honestly say that Nick has saved me countless hours of work and heartache by what he as so graciously wrote about in this section of the book. THANK YOU NICK!!!

How many of you know which scenarios to avoid when you are evaluating a sub2 deal? huh? How many of you know what to say to a lender to keep them from feeling like their loan is not jeopordized and keep them from not calling the loan due?

Don’t think that for one moment you know everything there is to know! You will learn something that you hadn’t thought of when you read Nick’s book!!


Starter moves for real estate agent

Show Me the House The first and most obvious thing I think the real estate world can (and should) be doing is buying video cameras and shooting their own walkthroughs. You don’t have to be a pro. You DO have to know how not to make something look horrible, but that comes with trial and error. Pick up a Video Camera If you don’t already own a video camera, two ends of the spectrum that Read More…

Landing experts advice

While an occasional listing may be appreciated by your social media community, many experts advocate engaging your audience with industry knowledge and an expert perspective, rather than alienating users with useless information. Because there are so many factors that must align to make a listing pertinent to a single customer, such as pricing…