How to talk to realtors about short sales

Let us begin by saying that the format of this book is great! You get approximately 430 words per page (in word) which means that he didn’t blow his font up to reach 166 pages in his book. Which means his book isn’t full of air.

First off his book begins with an interesting story about Nick and where he comes from. This is an inspirational material that no matter who you are or where you come from this can work for you too. When you read where Nick came from and the hurdles he had to jump in his journey you will see that anyone that truly has the desire to better themselves, their family and there future can and will.

Ok, so basically chapter 1 talks about what subject 2 is and what it is not. No surprise there. If you have no idea what subject 2 is then it is great information if you’ve subject to’d before then you will not need this section. It does give a really good rebuttal to homeowners, when they ask you if this is even legal, though.

Chapter 2 talks about having a business plan. He personally recommends software, to you, that he has used to create his own business plan. Actually I think that all the affiliates he recommends to you throughout the book he personally uses in his own success day in and day out. The 3 most important parts of the business plan are, business summary, economic model and your marketing plan, don’t know what those are?

Now… Chapter 3 and 4 are where you really started to get excited. Why? Because this is where you get to see Nick’s “Marketing Genius” come out! Ch.3 is all about finding buyers!!! Yesssssssssss… those are the people that give us our checks to CASH! He addresses finding them in some fantastic ways. Ways that, unless you’ve talked with him personally, you’ve probably never even thought of! We know that we hadn’t. Get this… he talks about having lists! Not just a buyer’s list but lists! That’s Plural! we didn’t even think about what we was reading until he put the ideas in my head. We can’t even keep the light bulbs lit up in my head because there are so many going off at once! It’s amazing! So not only does he give you ideas but he stimulates you to discover your own ideas. At least we felt like we were a kid in a candy store.

Ch. 5 is about marketing your business. He talks about various inexpensive, yet very effective, ways to market your business.

Without touching on actually doing any subject to deals or talking to sellers we would say that if you’re a newb like, no doubt you’ve figured out by now, the first 5 chapters alone are worth the price of the book. If you are a vet but just aren’t having the success with marketing either your properties or finding enough solid buyer’s then this book is for you and if you are a savvy investor who knows his stuff… well… we all know that you can’t ever “know it all” and this book would make a great addition to your knowledge and you might even increase your sales as well.


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