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Talking to your sellers

In this chapter Nick provides you with so much information about what you can do to help the seller be comfortable with the subject2 strategy. He tells you what kind of sellers that you run into and how you can show them that selling their house to you using subject2 will benefit them as well as you. He also explains what makes a property appealing to the subject2 strategy and what factors need to be in place so that you can properly analyze whether this particular property is a good choice for the subject2 strategy.


He also talks about the essential information that you need to get from a property owner on your first phone call. There is so much stuff that is in this chapter about getting the seller talking and how you control the conversation so that the seller is thinking what you want them to be thinking, (which is that this subject2 strategy is a good one) and he talks about how to lead the seller into the close. He also has some “get your mind right” books that he recommends you read.