Client-centric marketing. It is all about them.

You need it — do you have it? What is it?

Your marketing needs to connect with prospects, and show them (not just tell them) how you can solve their problems or ease their pain. It really is all about them.

So how do you write client-centric materials? You can start by going through your current materials and reworking them.

Pretend you’re an ideal prospect reading your materials for the first time. Are you compelled to call you, or are you less than impressed?

The first thing  you can do is identify where you’ve used the words we, our, my, and mine. You’ve seen websites and brochures that constantly talk about how “we’ve been in business for three generations” and “we’ve received this award, blah blah”.

The truth is: nobody cares!

They want to know what they get, and what’s in it for them.

An easy way to client-center your materials is to ask “So what?” when you run across references to yourself and your company. Answer that question in terms of how the we statement benefits the client.

For example, if your business has won an award, think of why you won the award. If it was for the quickest home sale in the region, then you want to bring that out. Show the client that her home can sell fast by talking about the details of the award-winning sale. Don’t just mention the award, no matter how prestigious it may be. She won’t know what the heck you’re talking about, nor will she be impressed.

In a nutshell — count the number of times you say we and cut it down by 75%.
At least.

You’ve just taken a giant leap toward making your marketing more effective.


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